You’re Pregnant! Now What?

Congratulations! Finally after your treatment at CAG, your pregnancy test is POSITIVE!

Here’s what to expect during the early stages of an IVF pregnancy.

Feeling Excited — But Also Nervous & Scared

Most likely, you’ve been been trying to get pregnant for a long time. You may have even gone through many cycles of fertility treatments. At last, this huge accomplishment is within your grasp. Sometimes you still can’t believe it! But while you think that you ought to be supremely happy at all times, many patients experience many different emotions at different times. But why?

This is completely normal. Especially if previous pregnancies ended through miscarriage, feeling nervous and guarded about your pregnancy is understandable. You shouldn’t feel guilty just because you are scared. However, don’t go through this alone. Find someone—whether it’s a friend or a counselor—to talk to about your feelings. It will help.
Tests and Supplements

Many fresh IVF transfers and all FET (frozen embryo transfers) will include some supplementary progesterone support once pregnancy is confirmed. Your specific progesterone treatment will be determined by your particular situation. At CAG, we will continue to monitor hormone levels via blood work for at least a few weeks following a positive pregnancy test.

Before releasing you to the care of an obstetrician, Dr. Sills will most likely order an ultrasound or two during early pregnancy (usually done around day 60 of pregnancy). This is the most reliable way to identify a multiple gestation. Embryonic cardiac action (heartbeat) is usually documented at this stage. The ultrasound equipment at CAG may be more sensitive than machines used elsewhere, so just because another doctor’s office (or emergency department) didn’t see a heartbeat doesn’t necessarily mean it is not there.

If you do not have a local OB doctor, please let Dr. Sills know so he can help you select someone to provide your pregnancy care for after ‘graduating’ from CAG!

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