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How will I know if I need IVF?

Not every infertility patient needs IVF, although most women age 35 or older will. Each person attending for a reproductive endocrinology consultation needs to obtain her own answer after completing a comprehensive infertility evaluation. However, there are a few situations where IVF is the clear medical answer to the fertility problem. For example, women with absent or severely damaged fallopian tubes should be treated immediately with IVF. Likewise, IVF should be the first choice treatment when the male partner has very poor (or absent) sperm. For other patients, when to do IVF may be less urgent—but some women request IVF since they know the “time to pregnancy” will generally be reduced along this path.

In this section, information on specific medical treatments is provided. Feel free to use this as a starting point for your consultation with Dr. Sills…

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